Childcare Resource

Childcare Resource Center in Tulsa provides referrals and assistance with childcare.

Elder Care Resources

Elder care can be challenging to understand and learn about this quick reference guide should provide ideas on how to get started.

GED Resources April 2018

There are a lot options in and round Tulsa for completing your GED.

Interview Tips

Getting prepped for an interview can be a little overwhelming, see attached to provide quick tips on interview preparation and online resources.

Low or No Cost Job Training May 2018

If you are seeking opportunities that are just a little beyond your reach, you may consider one of these low or no cost training options in high demand careers.

Most Common Interview Questions

Interview prep can be as simple as reviewing possible interview questions and tips on how to repsond to them.

Parent Education Resources

Parenting information and resources for anyone interested in exploring opportunities locally or online.

Resume Writing Resources April 2018

A good resume is key to finding the right opportunity, if you need help getting yours ready check out these local and online resources for resume writing assistance.

Top 50 Interview Questions

Example interview questions to help you prepare for an interview.

Resources for Individuals with Felony Conviction

Second chance resources and services are provide by local and online resources for individuals with a felony conviction.

Retirement Savings Resources

Retirement tools, resources, calculator and checklists to assist with retirement savings.

1. Key Printable Timesheet

Print and complete timesheet to report your payable time worked. Completed time sheets must be signed by both employee and supervisor to receive payment.

2. Key Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Complete form for direct deposit enrollment. A formal bank document with the full routing and account numbers must be attached along with this direct deposit enrollment.

4. Key Deactivation of Direct Deposit Form (1)

Switching banks or has your account number changed? Let us know ASAP when your account is changing. Complete this form to deactivate your current direct deposit

Key Referral Bonus Program

Our best referrals come from our employees and we would like to reward you!

2019_Key Resources - Veterans

Veteran Resources

2020 W4 Form

2020 W4 Form

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Federal guidelines require all businesses make this document available to all employees. As of April 1st, 2020, this document is not applicable to employees of Key Personnel.


Oklahoma Form W-4